Monday, May 30, 2011

New additions for Red Ash

After a great deal of work I have finally added the template system and more to Red Ash World Engine

First the templates.

Template are meant to be used on characters after they have become adventurers, or as a part of their quest. As this greatly modifies the base race they are often considered monsters by the society they are from. But since the Red Ash system is meant to be used in a world of you design, you may decide differently.

During the development of the wererat template I realized the character may be able to make use of the common rats characteristic of being a disease carrier and so I decided this would be a good time to design the pathogens (diseases) of Red Ash.

Pathogens are actually a subset of diseases that focus on some of the more deadly or dangerous real world diseases and I went to great lengths to describe the game mechanics used in Red Ash on the main pathogen page. I even altered the Unclean power defined already to include different forms of bite, touch and cloud. The cost is low on these powers as their use should have bigger story line issues, specially in a multi-species game setting.

I also realized while designing the were-creature templates I needed to add some big cats and the common rat so a base creature was present in the base rules set.

One additional power was also added called, Powerful Bite and it is a power enhancer for those with the bite power. It is also how I will handle creature like the jaguar that naturally has a very powerful bite when compared to others of its kind, like the tiger or lion.

To read more on these topics here are a few links:

Powerful Bite

All the Best,
Chris J.