Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Red Ash Combat Sim WIP

Combat Sim

Work is well underway for a combat sim. I am setting this up to allow testing of the combat rules and in time will be open for general use once I feel it is stable enough. this should make it a great tool to determine what to expect form a given encounter you want to put your players through. and may lead to an adjustment of experience points awarded for more difficult fights.

It will be simple to start with and will mainly be used to test the rules themselves. This will be done by using the same character build and the same equipment. I should expect to find a win loss ratio of 50% more or less. This will also depend on how users perform in combat. This means that you do not just attack your opponent you have different types of attacks that can change the output a lot and of course their is the random element, the dice rolls. For example one character may have a great success tripping an opponent, due to the dice rolled, and have an advantage in the entire combat. Or the opponent may just have really bad rolls. I figure with enough matches this will be less of an issue and an average can be seen.

Going forward

After the first round of testing I will open up the different armors, weapons and skills (weapon related). Then I will open up sizes, traits, species, other skills (including arcane, ritual and psyche trees).

First level skill points changed

During my initial testing on paper I did notice I did not have enough skill points to buy a weapon skill for what was being used. To this end the first level is now multiplied by 3. So if a class normally gets 4 per level at first level they get 12 to start the at level 2 its 16, level 3 is 20 and so on.

I already have this implemented on my developemnet system and will upload it later on.

All the Best!
Chris J