Monday, January 17, 2011

A matter of size, blame it on the Kraken.

Ah the fun of making a new system with a few year of work to find out your scaling doesn't scale as much as you thought.

This all came about as I was working the Kraken as my next entry into the Red Ash Species. As with most of the entries I like to read up on the mythology of the subject. The Kraken it turns out is a very old legendary sea monster from the Norse myths of incredible scale. Some of the earlier legends have it as the size of an island and later scaled it down.

While reviewing the sizes I slated in the core rules I noticed that my upper limit was set to 16.5m (about 54 feet) in height or length. While this is very big it is hardly an island.

So after some thought I decided to change the size scales and I will upload then to the site once done.

As always...all the best.
Chris J.

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