Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finally! Finished the size rules and species update!

After what feels like a long effort the sizes have been redone and all species have been updated.

The size chart now includes much more information based on body size and body type. This is further broken down into the standard HxWxL measurements. These three physical dimensions now control the weight along with the size category itself. Also they affect step and reach and of course land speed one can move in a game turn of 4 seconds. As you can see the chart now spans a much, much larger group of sizes and weights.

While updating the sizes I had to make changes to the species and also correct more bugs in the scripts logic and math. Since the movement had changed I made a number additions to the species including a "movement per turn" chart after the xp gain value. This will display the amount of movement one has in various environments including; land, water, air and either earth or trees if the species has powers that make use of these modes of locomotion.

In both sections I have included a lot more mouse overs for informational text and metric to standard measurement conversions.

Space is now defined as 1 meter on a side for a range and 1 meter cubed 1m3 for areas. The Space and Measure values on the species now represent the minimum space needed before one become crowded (Space) and the minimum amount of space needed before the body starts taking crushing damage (automatic bludgeoning damage).

I will next work on moving the articles to the blog so I can move the artist gallery to the main menu so they can get better access.

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