Saturday, October 22, 2011

Red Ash World Engine: RPG Combat Update and development status

Just a quick post to state I made a small patch to the combat page and the Combat Actions. I made a small error in my script that displayed the PAP (Physical Action Points) cost on the MAP (Mental Action Points) cost. This has been corrected and now displays correctly.

My current work is to add rules and melee skills that will cover dual weilding of weapons. These have been written but I am going to test these before uploading.

I have also been thinking about the character creation and specifically about adding a rule to allow players to move ability score around at charcter creation. I am think of a rule that a player can move a total of 10 points from one ability to another ability with a max increase of 5 points in one. This will permit players more freedom to tweak their characters to the build concepts they plan.

I also need to devote some time to a write up on the leveling of a secondary (or more) class than that of first level.

Till then...All the Best!
Chris J.

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