Monday, August 13, 2012

Artist Mansen Lin is Back!

And he has been kind enough to bring a lovely gift for Red Ash that shows his hard work and dedication to his artist craft. Mansen Lin emailed a really cool image of a Centaur Warrior. Posed in dramatic fashion in what looks like the end of a charge where he has scored first blood! So stop in and take a look at the new Centaur image or checkout the big image in Mansen's Red Ash Gallery.

Once you are done, head over to his website and have a look at some of commercial work.

Combat Sim....on hold for now.

I put the combat sim on hold for now as I have taken a short break to recharge my batteries. My code just was not up to the level I wanted it to be and so it needs to be redesigned.

In the mean time I have been beginning to outline a module and a setting for Red Ash. Its very early but I will try to keep every one informed when I am further along.

I also have been thinking about a finally writing a few pdf guides targeting different users, namely; world builders, game masters and of course players. The module will be first though so I can use that to collect feedback on the system and how its received by gamers. Something that has been suggested to me on a few occasions.

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