Saturday, January 19, 2013

New map added: The City of Rivers End

Small Map of the City of Rivers End

Finally got the city map done for the city of Rivers End. This will be a part of my upcoming adventure for the Red Ash World Engine and took me way to long to make. A large image can be seen here.

Each Hex is 10 meters in diameter or about 32 feet and 10 inches. The numbers on the buildings will be referenced in a small booklet that will give details about the building and its occupants. With a population of about 30,000 many of these structure will end up being 2 stories or more.

The purpose of the booklet will be to record a place like a city, town or dungeon at a specific period of time, its condition, inhabitants and so on. So when playing in the world you play in a specific time. I am thinking this will be separated into ages and kingdoms, but now I'm getting ahead of myself ;).

I will not make the population by hand but I will design a script (PHP) to do it and fill in the buildings details. I plan to model my data structures of off the information found at Medieval Demographics Made Easy. I will need to modify it to meet the needs of my system and society, but it is a great starting place.

My next map will be the small village to the south and maybe one farm that are also a part of the first adventure.

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Chris J.

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