Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Added New Power: Split

Split is a power I developed to permit a species designer to have a species that is made up of very different members. An example maybe a bee hive, where the queen is different from the workers and the soldiers are another different type. This power is unlike making a sub species as they are ruled by their own ruler and can have a different culture, like the Elves and the Eldrin or the Titans and Giants. Split instead allows a designer to make completely different members of a group that is ruled by the same leader.

I will put this to use in the up coming Trolls where the species is divided along gender. The males are more of the slow witted brute and the females are....well something special.

Before I can implement the Troll I will need to update a script so, I may have them ready by this weekend.

All the Best
Chris J.

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