Monday, November 15, 2010

Many Updates

While getting to add the smallest Red Ash species to date the Common Ant, I did also update classes with a new racial class called scavenger.

I also added a new status called marked and a sub-form of poison effect by the name of marked too.

This of course ties back into the common ant. Now I know some of you are wondering why bother with such a small species that to be fair, we unwittingly, kill walking down the street.

The fact of the matter is we are at a size that most ants are of little concern, less of course, we are unlucky enough to become helpless near a very large colony, now we are talking about the thing of nightmares. not to mention that the ant is even more of a threat to Small and Tiny playable species. They can also be used as an in game device to deny a adventuring party their camp site when they need rest badly. Beside the ant is believed to have been here around since the time of the dinosaurs and are still with us now as one of the largest mass of biology on the planet, give them some credit.

Read more on the Common Ant here.

All the Best
Chris J.

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