Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Species: Agilisaurus and Species Updates

Added the first in a long list of non-playable species to come. Besides the 2 wolves and 2 bears, I have had nothing in the way of non-playable species in Red Ash. I have held off on adding non-playable (encounters, summons and pets) while I worked on issues with how to best implement them. In doing so I have added a number of new powers and changed how the racial classes function in the rules.

The Agilisaurus is a smallish 2 legged dinosaur that is a herbivore. The name Agilisaurus means Agile Lizard and so these were implemented as agile and fast with a bit of armored skin (scales). These are not meant to be played as aggressive creatures, they are not, but when cornered or if they have a noticeable size difference they will fight to defend young (females only) or grazing areas.

You can read more on the here.

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