Friday, August 19, 2011

Class feats are here!

I have expanded the class rules to include class feats. Class feats are an optional add on to classes and are closely tied to the class skills. The feats will allow your character to develop specialties as they advance by using the same skill points that you use to buy skill levels.

Most of these feats are multilevel with a max level of 10. You can buy each level for increased benefit but only once you have met the requirements for each level. Take Arcane Battery for example. It has a requirement of 20 Arcana Levels per Arcane Battery Level you buy. Some feats will also have multiple requirements like Melee, Acid requires skill levels on any child of the Melee Skill and the Acid Weapon Skill. More melee skill is needed than Acid Weapon.

As stated above, Class Feats use Skill Points to pay for the feats. The cost of the feat will depend on if the class bought the feat making it a related feat of the class. Related feats are less expensive than those that or open feats (non related, non restricted).

A feat can also be restricted. This is done automatically when you restrict a root skill when making a class. While the class will lose access to the feats that need that root skill or once of its child skills, you do gain more more points to define you class.

Speaking of points, classes have now been increased to 100 points from the original 50 points. I also changed the cost of Ability level increase and made it very expensive to gain a +1 every 3 levels. In fact it is expensive to get a +1 every 4 levels. For this reason I added an automatic +1 per 5 levels as a free increase that you can select where it goes. This applies to non playable species too.

Read more about the class feats here and the updates class rules here.

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