Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update: Red Ash Powers...

Just got the species powers updated and fixed a lot of the descriptions. I also improved the based damage of many powers. A few had cost changes so if you may want to go back over the cost related to any species you have made with the system.

A new addition is a detailed description of species powers and all the related values. You can find this here on the main species powers page.

Now I will move on and take one more look at equipment. I also have a a few new powers to add to the system and a new addition or two to the non-playable species list. After this I will need to review the combat rules and see what need to be touched up there. During this I may decide to build some test characters for combat testing and make adjustments as needed.

I feel that the overall project of designing the rules of the Red Ash World Engine is coming to an end. While the system still has a lot of art that needs to be done, it is a low priority for me right now. If anyone wants to offer to do some art for the core system rules just drop me a message. Unless I find something else to fix I will start to build the first free-to-play Red Ash adventure for all you tabletop rpg fans!

All the Best!
Chris J.

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