Saturday, September 24, 2011

RPG Turn based combat in the Red Ash World Engine

Testing continues on the combat rules and I have a lot of tweeks to upload once I am further along. One area I have noticed that will certainly change is the PAP/MAP (Physical Action Points/Mental Action Points) cost during combat. With the current rules, 1st level combants will gain a fatigue counter by the 3rd round of combat and a 2nd by the 4th or 5h round with only 2 characters fighting.  
This is quicker than I expected from my initial design and I realised a new issue that will be presented to higher level characters. It is based on the manor in which PAP and MAP are figure, the physical and mental ability scores. While they increase based on the level advancement of the character, they do not keep up with the number of attacks one would get from weapon speed that is increased. Put in a more basic phrase, the characters are eating the PAP and MAP faster than desired.

So my solution to counter this issue is to add a new feature of root skills and that is a bonus to PAP and MAP. For every skill point you spend in a root skill or any of its child skills your character will gain a +2 in eaither PAP or MAP, or you will gain a +1 in both PAP and MAP.

 I will also still be using the x3 skill points for 1st level characters. This will greatly aid the soldier in being able to use a weapon and shield. It will also help in giving a 24 point bonus to PAP at 1st level.

This rule also means high skill point classes, like the Arcanist, will have a lot of skill points and thus a lot of PAP and/or MAP. To counter this I will be increase MAP cost of spells.

In the long run I think you will find the PAP and MAP will scale much better as the character levels as you will see and increase in ability scores and skills your characters have trained in.

On a side note, I was asked in a PM why armor was not a skill, when shields are? The short answer is armor is worn, not used. It would be like having a skill in pants.... ;)

All the Best!
Chris J

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