Saturday, August 21, 2010

Giants and Titans Added

I added 2 new playable species the Giants and the Titans. I designed these two with a shared history. Titans are the people of mythology and giants are the ugly offspring of them that were cast away.

In designing the giants I added a new power under the weakness type called Deformity that I already made a post about.

What I forget was to add the random sub-form. Random appears in each form listed. When selected it is meant to be used as a random roll on a per character basis over all of the available sub-forms for that type and all lesser one too. So as a giant is made with the Deformity, Major they must roll for all of the sub-forms list  there and under Deformity, Moderate and Deformity, Minor. So the random list includes Odd Color, Non-Symmetrical Facial Features, Overactive Sweat Glands, Body Oder, Non-Symmetrical Body Features, Textured Skin, Translucent Skin, Bony Protrusions, Skin Tumors, Extra Horn, Hunchback, Club Foot, Extra Head, Extra Limb, Extra torso with head and limbs. I will make a chart and add it to the power at a  later time.

If the players rolls, Bony Protrusions, a sub-form that falls under the "Deformity, Moderate" Type the character can be made with the lesser restrictions listed.

If the species was only made with the "Deformity, Moderate" Type then the list of possible sub-forms would only consist of those from that and the "Deformity, Minor" Type.

All the best!
Chris J.

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