Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Murrough Added

A new playable species was added to Red Ash, the Murrough. The Murrough are the Scottish and Irish Gaelic name for Mermaids and Mermen. In designing these people I tried to stay closer to the legend than in other species. Still there are a few changes.

Also in adding the Murrough, I added two new powers:

  • Semi-Aquatic - Aquatic and amphibious just did not seam to fit with the old stories of the mermaid lounging on a rock waving to passing sailors, so I made Semi-Aquatic which would also be used on the Seal, Penguins and others once I get to them.
  • Water Adaptation - a trade-in of legs for a fish tail, or seal tail.

Adding these 2 powers also made me take a look at the skill swim. I made a change to include holding your breath while diving underwater.

All the Best
Chris J.

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