Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 New Species and 1 Power Added: The Harpy, The Hydra and the

The Harpy of Red Ash is a humanoid bird with a harpy eagles head but with black feathers like the crow. This is a man sized creature with a taste for carrion, or even fresh meat and a lust for shiny object which it will look to steal.

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The Hydra is a swamp dwelling monstrous reptile of the tropics, very big, armor plated and of course multi-headed. The Red Ash Hydra has six heads modeled after the Horned Lizard but with exceptional long teeth and large fore limbs it uses to drag the rest of its weight through the wetlands of its territory.

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To support the Hydra a new power was added called Polycephaly which means multi-headed. This power will define what benefits one has when you have additional heads and how well they work together.

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