Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Species Added: Gargoyle, New Power Added: Cold Hands and Update to the Sensory Power

The gargoyle is a creature that was carved from stone and given a false life like a golem. They served as guardians for Humans keeping evil spirits from entering their cities. The gargoyles served perfectly for years and had become a staple to most cities. Such was their service that they were widely celebrated. 

That is until the gargoyles started turning on their Human creators. Rumors had been reported in the months prior to the first attack of the gargoyles acting oddly. Following people to their homes and being there in the morning when they leave. Most believed they were doing their jobs and hunting some unseen specters. This is until the first attack happened and in a market square in the middle of the day. 

A gargoyle jumped on a woman and pinned her to the ground. A horrendous gargling sound silencing the crowd of onlookers while it drew her life from her body. Once finished it simply walked away indifferent to the stunned witnesses. While some people have suggested the woman must have been possessed, no one wanted to leave this gargoyle operational and so the city guard was dispatched to destroy it. While they did, other gargoyles blankly watched one of their kind being destroyed. By the next morning they were all gone.

Rumors have been made of the gargoyle sightings, often in forgotten grave sites and battle fields. But also rumors speak of gargoyles traveling the deep roads far underground.

Read more on the here.

A new power: Cold Hands was also added to support the gargoyle as a hunter of Spirits. You can read more about it here. Also the Power Sensory has a new form subtype called Spirit Vision, to permit someone to see the realm of the dead and incorporeal.

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