Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Species Added: Ghoul and New Power: Unclean

The Ghoul of Red Ash is not an undead creature like in other games. It is a savage flesh and carrion eater that live alone or in small semi-social groups. It is noted for its massive claws and teeth and for carrying all manor of diseases.

Read More about them here.

To support the ghouls a new power was added called unclean. This power grants a species the ability to spread disease to those it encounters, usually via combat. The disease contracted will be determined with a random roll on a disease chart, that I have yet to make. This is rolled after it has been determined that the character in question rolls under both the infection rate of the unclean empowered and fails a save of the users Health +1d20 vs the targets Health +1d20.

Those that become infected will find out what type of infection they have in 1 to 2 days of game time as the systems begin to show.

Read more on the Unclean power here.

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