Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Murrough Added

A new playable species was added to Red Ash, the Murrough. The Murrough are the Scottish and Irish Gaelic name for Mermaids and Mermen. In designing these people I tried to stay closer to the legend than in other species. Still there are a few changes.

Also in adding the Murrough, I added two new powers:

  • Semi-Aquatic - Aquatic and amphibious just did not seam to fit with the old stories of the mermaid lounging on a rock waving to passing sailors, so I made Semi-Aquatic which would also be used on the Seal, Penguins and others once I get to them.
  • Water Adaptation - a trade-in of legs for a fish tail, or seal tail.

Adding these 2 powers also made me take a look at the skill swim. I made a change to include holding your breath while diving underwater.

All the Best
Chris J.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lacerians Added

Lacerians are a new playable species of lizard folk. These are loosely based on the green iguana, well the head at least. The name is an altered version of the Latin word for lizard, lacerta. Check them out here on Red Ash.

All the best!
Chris J

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gnomes Added

Added a new playable species, the Gnomes. Red Ash Gnomes are not the smarter cousins of Dwarfs you may be familiar with from other games. These are deep cavern dwelling humanoids that can pass through solid rock! Come take a look at them here on Red Ash.

All the Best!
Chris J.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Giants and Titans Added

I added 2 new playable species the Giants and the Titans. I designed these two with a shared history. Titans are the people of mythology and giants are the ugly offspring of them that were cast away.

In designing the giants I added a new power under the weakness type called Deformity that I already made a post about.

What I forget was to add the random sub-form. Random appears in each form listed. When selected it is meant to be used as a random roll on a per character basis over all of the available sub-forms for that type and all lesser one too. So as a giant is made with the Deformity, Major they must roll for all of the sub-forms list  there and under Deformity, Moderate and Deformity, Minor. So the random list includes Odd Color, Non-Symmetrical Facial Features, Overactive Sweat Glands, Body Oder, Non-Symmetrical Body Features, Textured Skin, Translucent Skin, Bony Protrusions, Skin Tumors, Extra Horn, Hunchback, Club Foot, Extra Head, Extra Limb, Extra torso with head and limbs. I will make a chart and add it to the power at a  later time.

If the players rolls, Bony Protrusions, a sub-form that falls under the "Deformity, Moderate" Type the character can be made with the lesser restrictions listed.

If the species was only made with the "Deformity, Moderate" Type then the list of possible sub-forms would only consist of those from that and the "Deformity, Minor" Type.

All the best!
Chris J.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Added New Power, Weakness: Deformity

Deformity comes in three levels of severity, Mild, Moderate and Major. I leave it to a DM to decide if a  player can pick or randomly roll for the sub-form of deformity their character has. Of course a DM may include other deformities too. Also a DM may opt to have more than one deformity.

A few points about this power.

  • Odd Color is from the point of view what is normal for the species, so if a species is normally green then green would not be an odd color, try orange!
  • Textured skin would be skin that may look like it is bumpy, scaly, or like tree bark, or anything else that a DM would allow. Again this is relative to the species. BTW -There are no Natural Armor Bonus.
  • With Skin Tumors think of large fleshy masses in visible places lie the face, neck, arms, etc...
  • Extra [Anything] If a species does not normaly have a horn, or feather, etc..well now you do.
  • Extra Head, This does not make you twice as smart, it is an unsightly grossly misshapen head that at the most will let you eat and drink at he same time...or eat and speak at the same time...maybe the DM can added a control roll to keep from spitting food up.
  • Club foot does not alter land speed, but shoes may cost more.
  • Extra Limb is limp, under developed and more or less useless.
  • The extra torso, arms and head will not help you in combat, it is little more than a highly developed mass of bones and flesh...that happens to share to major arteries.