Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why people don't venture into swamps

Besides the obvious humidity and heat, plus the bug, snakes and reptiles, you have to hope to not cross paths with a Lacerian Assassins lurking in the shadows. While Lacerians are not widely known for being aggressive they have learned, over the years, that many view them as monsters. So stop in and take a rare glimpse of the Lacerian Assassin illustrated by Mansen Lin.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Orcs! Eco-Terrorist or decide!

The correct answer is neither. They live to fight and fight to live. For the Orc there is no better embrace of life than when you face death and accept the brutality of life. This mindset is displayed by a new image from artist Mansen Lin and his new image of the Orc Warrior doing what Orcs do best...burning down villages. I'm sure this entire scene was just a misunderstanding about land ownership claims.

Anyways check out the new image of the Orc here and see the bigger image here.

Mansen's Orc also marks a slight change in the Red Ash Website to support multiple images in the species section.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Artist Mansen Lin is Back!

And he has been kind enough to bring a lovely gift for Red Ash that shows his hard work and dedication to his artist craft. Mansen Lin emailed a really cool image of a Centaur Warrior. Posed in dramatic fashion in what looks like the end of a charge where he has scored first blood! So stop in and take a look at the new Centaur image or checkout the big image in Mansen's Red Ash Gallery.

Once you are done, head over to his website and have a look at some of commercial work.

Combat Sim....on hold for now.

I put the combat sim on hold for now as I have taken a short break to recharge my batteries. My code just was not up to the level I wanted it to be and so it needs to be redesigned.

In the mean time I have been beginning to outline a module and a setting for Red Ash. Its very early but I will try to keep every one informed when I am further along.

I also have been thinking about a finally writing a few pdf guides targeting different users, namely; world builders, game masters and of course players. The module will be first though so I can use that to collect feedback on the system and how its received by gamers. Something that has been suggested to me on a few occasions.