Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Skills Updated and more

After making adjustments to the base values of the ability score I decided to have a review of the skills to make sure they are in sync. They were not....

Now the skills have been updated to reflect the changes made so far including the difficulties, saves and control rolls. I also did a bit of a rewrite of the jump skill as it was still based on the very first version of the rules published. One other area I addressed was the use of spaces has now been switched to meters.

I also added the meaning of the names difficulties and the related values on the skills main page. Below that you will find a few paragraphs describing the ideas behind skills and a break down of terms used.

Up next will be a review of powers and a new addition to the classes, the class feats (or class perks I have yet to settle on a name). The idea of this is to allow certain minor class powers to open up based on the skill level progression a character follows.

All the Best,
Chris J