Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Red Ash website updated....finally!

After what seams a very long time, I have finally been able to update the Red Ash website to its new red skin.

During the course of development I noticed a few missing pages, namely in the skills section, and they have been included now

With the new skin I also fully integrated the creative commons into the pages. The legal page will need a update, which should be updated later today.

I also added a new tool...The dice roller. Yes Yes I know big whoop! there are a million dice rollers out there, but I felt I should not require a user to go on a google hunt to find one, plus this one is more specific to Red Ash and its stat system.

I still have a few background scripts to work on, nothing that will aft the user of the site, but need for indexing with search engines and the like. Afterwards I will begin working on a simple combat simulator. It will be simple at first and then I will add more feature to it. The goal of this tool will be to allow people to try out the combat without having to do all the math need for resolving combat turns.

On a side note I also changed the "share this" scripts as seen at the bottom of the pages. I am a tad concerned over load times with on each page. If I get enough complaints I will restrict it to just the home let me know how it is for you guys.

All the Best!
Chris J.