Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Image "Looking Down" by artist Mansen Lin

Mansen sent me a new image for the Red Ash system and I "finally" got to putting it fault of course. But I needed to think on just where I was going to place it and I was thinking on showing it on the main page.

The reason I felt so strongly about the image is I feel it represents some of the main reasons people play RPGs, the story and the adventure.

Mansen's image simply invites you into one of many story possibilities. The silver haired adventure escapes the burning city below. He climbs the cliff escaping the chaos below. Pausing he takes one more glance back.

Was he the cause of the burning city? Was he escaping it? Is he being hunted? So many possibilities from one image, well done Mansen!

I ended up not placing on the main sites page. Once I scaled it down it lost some details on the climber. I finally decided to add image support in the skills. So head over to the page for the climb skill and have a look at a great image by Mansen Lin!

All the best!
Chris J

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