Monday, February 11, 2013

Mansen Lin has added a new image to Red Ash, the Dwarf

One of the iconic figures of myth, lore and RPGs now has a new image within the Red Ash World Engine. A young dwarf warrior leans up against a wall after a battle. Stop in and take a look at Mansen's image here and in his gallery.

State of the game:

I have been thinking of make a change to the rules and possibly the website (again). For the website I am thinking of dividing the site into 3 sections.

  • First would be the species generation and focus on all rules involved with the designing of species.
  • Second would be the rules for classes, class advancement, class templates and skills.
  • Third would be the game rules such as combat, sight distance, mood and handling encounters, and related rules.

In addition I was thinking of making a change to the species creation process to contain a stages of life that would go from gestation to birth then through various stage of life until death. 

Why bother, you may ask. well My system has an imbalance with 1st level characters encountering a 1st level hydra. This needs to be better thought out. The life stages is one way to handle the difference without tossing an encounter level on it. So I can include a population of many creatures that exist in a world but may not be ready for encounters themselves.

I am still working on this and will make a post on what I will do later.

All the Best,
Chris J.

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